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Enroll your child to school @ Madonna International College, Asaba.
We provide children with excellent academic training in a conducive learning environment so join us now!
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Welcome to our School
  Madonna International College is different from any other college. Its birth is a result of direct inspiration of the Most Holy Mary with the permission of her son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Its birth is a result of direct inspiration of the Most Holy Mary. Read about the birth of our school
  Our Motto
  Nihii est amabilis virtute
  Our Guiding Principle
  • The College believes that no child is born a dullard, and that given the right environment and correct stimulus, every child will do well.
  • The College, therefore, places great emphasis on providing the Children with adequate environment for learning.
  • The College encourages each child to seek and explore his destiny through exposure to challenging ideas.
  • The School will tap from the resources of very well-trained teachers, to give the children excellent education.
  Our Core Values  - Discipline, Morality and Behaviour
  Madonna International College is a new concept in College education. Many of the behavior patterns that are permissible in other Colleges cannot obtain at Madonna. We are different, we are new and we are better. We therefore put some measures in place to protect the students. Now things are difficult to implement, but with time, every student will agree that all a new regulations are for the good of the students and for the College.

This College is built on the love of Christ and His Mother, the Most Holy Blessed Virgin Mary. Every student is therefore expected not only to love God, but also to love his fellow students as himself/herself.

There must therefore be no case of fighting or stealing. The punishment for fighting or stealing is instant expulsion from the college. All students are equal before the management. No student has a right to flog another. The College Disciplinary Committee must handle all Disciplinary cases. Its recommendations will be forward to the Proprietor for necessary action.
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